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Originally posted by DJEgg
Yeah, basically you shouldn't have two active codecs installed that both deal with the same formats (eg. in this case, two MPEG Audio Codecs), as this will definitely cause conflicts.
However, realistically, CreativeLabs should be informing their customers of this fact.
Isn't there any mention of this particular issue anywhere within the documentation?

btw, it would help me greatly if you could provide some more details:
1. The actual name of this codec (c/o Multimedia Control Panel -> Devices)
2. The filename (c/o Properties): eg. C:\Windows\System\L3CODECA.ACM
3. Whether this codec actually works if you disable the other one & use this one instead?
Is there anyway to detect two codecs trying to encode/decode the same media?
Is there anyway of listing all the codecs?
Is there any way of checking a medias encoding? Like detecting wether the file was encoded with LAME or Fraunhofer?
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