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Originally Posted by stopasking View Post
What to do when you press J in Winamp and no Jump To File window pops up until you minimize winamp and restore it again?

I've unchecked the "Skin the window in the current Winamp skin style" and the "Jump To File" dialog now pops up alright.
It's located in Winamp Preferences -> Jump To File -> Display Tab

Of course the Jump To File window is not skinned now, but I was used to it this way and don't really care if it is.
Im really sorry for the really long time replying again to this topic, but at some point i completely forgot it because somehow, the issue simply vanished without me doing anything(other than running a windows cd to restore some system issues. now it seems its back again, but with stopasking tip i managed to get it working fine again(thanks for the tip bro). Also im glad to see i wasnt the only one having this issue, thought i was alone there for a time, but it feels that misfortune is lessened when youre not alone anywise, "schadenfreude" i guess. :]

I would also like to thank DrO for his commitment, though the issue still remains for now, hopefully it'll go away. Been using winamp pretty much since it started to exist(and im an oldschool internet person so...), im glad to see the staff is working diligently to improve it even further on; apart from that i got nothing to complain about the program so far.

once again i apologize for my late reply and reopening of an old topic lol. Peace out folks.
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