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Look, I realize the code for winamp is incredibly big and complex and for what it is, it works well. It's just frustrating when something that is unavoidable for me on multiple machines (two windows 7 laptops, one xp laptop) can't be reproduced by others. I've tried removing everything remotely related to winamp, doing a fresh install with all default options selected, and still can't get jtfe to work. I think it might have something to do with the nview thing, although I'm not sure that's possible since one of my laptops doesn't have an nvidia GPU.

I guess my frustration is compounded by my experience with the bug that was recently fixed where shuffle wouldn't work on guest accounts. It was ridiculous because I mentioned multiple times that it only happened to me on my guest account and I was fairly certain the problem was related to the limited permissions, and yet it took forever to get someone to actually listen and try the guest account, at which point they could reproduce it. I felt like the interaction went like - Me:"Shuffle problem happens on guest account", Dev:"I can't reproduce it", Me:"Did you try it on the guest account?", Dev:"I can't reproduce it", Me:"Well it only happens for me on the guest account", Dev:"Hey, look at that, I tried the guest account and now it's doing it", Me:*facepalm*.

I also have an issue described here ( where winamp crashes when any track from a seemingly random folder is played. I figured out that it only happens if the queue contains only tracks from that folder, and if I put a track from a different folder in the queue with the "bad" folder tracks, winamp won't crash.

And then I also have weird issues with the winamp window jumping around when I put it on my second monitor that my laptop is docked to. Very random.

I know that these issues aren't related to the jtfe thing, but I'm just giving some background to illustrate why my tone is inappropriately negative about winamp as a whole when we're only talking about a small problem that only a few people have.
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