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Multiple Monitors

Obviously an older thread here, but I ran into this issue today, and the root cause had to do with my use of multiple monitors.

I usually keep my Winamp on a secondary monitor attached to my laptop; when I undock the laptop, I then can't bring up the Jump To File window. The workaround listed here, to switch to skinned mode, worked in this case. But for whatever reason I prefer the non-skinned look, so I kept digging.

Finally realized that the X-position of the window was still set to where my secondary monitor would have been. In winamp.ini, jumpex_pos_x was set to 1940 (primary screen on my laptop is 1440, so that's well past the right edge). I closed Winamp, set jumpex_pos_x to 0, and started up again. The window was now on the primary monitor.

So, kind of a narrow segment, but if this sounds like your situation (laptop with an external monitor that's sometimes attached, sometimes not, Winamp usually lives on the external monitor), give that setting a look. Also jumpex_pos_y if you stack your monitors vertically.
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