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ReavidPC10 Listen2myradio,
I don't understand why your having issues I've been using it for over a year no issues what so ever. When you login to Listen2myradio there is a section that says Stream Details it will give you everything that is needed for someone to listen. If they have VLC installed and plugin in Firefox they can go to the website and listen for your station in the details. Or you can also go to All Stream Links those are alternatives listeners can use providing they installed VLC and the Plugin into Firefox using web browser.

There is more make sure your stream is on, once its on and in green go to D.N.A.S panel of your radio click here you will get an admin panel right click listen and copy and past the details that will be the universal ip and port number that you can use in Winamp VLC and iTunes on Windows, MAC, iOS and Andorid all 3 programs have multi versions.

I get over 1000 listeners each sunday morning streaming at 320kbps MP3 with no issue. Also when I was simulcasting with a Internet Radio Network they had over 32717 listeners pulling the my server's address...

Not sure what your doing but its one of the easiest sites, for free they Rock and if you have server issues make sure if your in the US your using U.S. Servers, also Choose Linux for the change server type.

Also if they are on Windows using Firefox / I.E. make sure they have the updated Flash and Java installed as well as VLC... If you have an extra Smart Phone install VLC, Winamp, on it and plug in some head phones and setup your audio signal and monitor it... Also another pc , tablet, notebook/laptop will also be good to test your setup.

Like I said in over a year no issue but one small glitch I did have I had to tweak my buffers under the out plugins because it was cutting out a bit after 3 hours till I adjust that and then bing no more issues at all.

So if your trying to give your D.N.A.S panel of your radio click here addy that is the problem they are not an admin and that is not how you listen. Use one of the 3 methods I mentioned to get the addy's... Also in Shoutcast Plugin if you setup Output Directory / Directory Configuration Check Make Stream Public!!! What ever name you give it can also be used under the search on and can be listened to on there. Also listen2myraido has apps for iOS and Andorid....

Spend some time with it took about 3 mins to setup and get it going...
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