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Thanks for the replies.
Re: Lightmaestro. In his posts I have seen on the web (cant remember where exactly @ the moment) he said he was more of an engineer, versus a Business Man. Why he abandoned the project and pulled it from the web entirely is a mystery to me at this point. I havent been able to find a copy of lightmasetro anywhere that I can download.
So I am beginning to get the idea Geiss developed Milkdrop while being employed at Nullsoft (I thought up until now he developed it on his own, and then made it open source). Is this correct? That might explain why MD1 was made open source, as like an "experiment", and MD2 was not.
I am still desirous of using Milkdrop as a backdrop for other things, like my kinect effects, video clips, flash files etc. When I look at the img.ini file for MD, I dont see any animated types of files which can be setup as an overlay. Unless I am mistaken? The things MD can do with static image overlays is in a word, amazing. Epsecially the way it merges the colors from the overlay into the MD animation. THATS COOL! So now I want to goto the next step and overlay other things on top.
Also attempting to figure out how to make my kinect effects into a plugin to WInamp somehow.
I use XNA for some of my kinect effects. XNA runs on the XBOX. Which also leads me to wonder if MD can be run on XBOX. There's a WHOLE lot of XBOXs out there in the world. Seems to me there's a good market there for some of these effects (like MD). I am going to buy an XBOX, just so I can see what it can do. It already has Kinect support, since the Kinect was originally designed to work with XBOX.
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