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Unique issue

Hi Support Team,

We have a unique issue. We are one of the stations that started out with the Radionomy Pro back in 2012. We have our own servers (subscribers) (running 1.9.8 of Shoutcast), but we also push these streams to Radionomy for public listeners. As of September, we understand that the legacy version of SHOUTcast is no longer supported to be added into the directory. I'm fine with that, but there is no links or anything to get the new version of SHOUTcast that I could find anywhere, and we run FreeBSD on all of our servers, which creates a unique problem for us, since I'm not sure anyone has continued with compiling for FreeBSD. It shouldn't have been a big deal to continue to support FreeBSD, IMO, just that it would have required an extra build. We cannot convert our servers to Linux or Windows. They must remain FreeBSD. I might be able to run SHOUTcast in linux compatiblity mode, but i'd really prefer having a native version, like we had before with v1.9.8.

So, also, because of all of this switchover, we don't have an authhash code, since we can't register one through the site since we're already created in the eyes on Radionomy. I'm hoping someone can help us work this out.

Thanks for any information you can provide either here or by Private Message.


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