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Hello there I was wondering if you made any progress in your fiddling. I tried to get this working in VS 2017 but also with only about 5100 errors. Admittedly I'm not sharp with c++ anyway but I was hoping to find a way to load a preset in similar fashion to the way custom messages are loaded. For example, you would have a milk2_preset.ini file which has this:


name=Aderrasi - Airhandler (Principle of Sharing)

name=fiShbRaiN - crystal glasses

name=Flexi - braggadocio

then you would need a way to refresh/re-read this file and the keyboard events to launch the preset i.e. "P01", "P02" etc.

This way you could have 99 different presets accessible via keyboard. I could probably hack this together if I can get VS to build although it wouldn't be pretty.
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