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I have done some experiments with spectral volume binning from more bands than just the usual bass mid and treb values.

You can, with certain effort, pass spectrum curve values from custom waves over the gmegabuf data structure to the rest of the Milkdrop scripts.

Check out my preset "target practice"

and with fancier graphics, "alien fish pond":

I'm sampling from custom wave 2. In its per-point code, you can find the filling of gmegabuf with the volume values from the 64 samples.

I organized the sequentially indexed gmegabuf with multiple instances of a number of kinematic agents with a list of properties (and some additional space to build up an index of their k nearest neighbors too). See in the initialization code block the count variable for the actual number of objects. beware the rather complex KNN algorithm implementation in per-frame .

The agents get accelerated each by their own band's volume. The bigger agents sample from the lower frequency spectrum bands and the smaller ones from the higher pitches.
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