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Hi hatecubed
Winamp automatically adjusts the level of bass, mid and treb to an average of, I believe, 0.65. This is necessary because audio sources may be very different in volume, and the beat detection would either not work (with a low audio signal) or freak out (with a high signal).

If your input signal is very small signal or zero, bass, mid and treb will still be amplified to reach a level of 0.65 on average. That seems to be your issue, so what you see is just highly amplified noise, not an audio signal.

The amplification control takes a few seconds. You may observe this: If your input works as it should and you play music, you should see its bass, mid and treb; then if you turn the music off, you should see a flat line which after a while will slowly grow into the noise as in your video, due to the internal amplification revving up.
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