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What education does wearing a condom require?. It was not mentioned in my health classes, but I was always aware of the existence and use of these devices.

This is being offered as the "first choice", rather than as an alternative. Since we have demonstrated by illegitimate children and disease that this is not a good option, I think this ideologies ranking should be relegated as what not to teach.

And I've had to fight to maintain my politically incorrect posture on this matter.

With love and proper diligence, sex is a truly wonderful thing. Outside of this, it becomes tawdry and cheap. Sharing a rich, loving sexual life with a woman is one of the greatest experiences that we have. Or we can just make it cheap and bounce bimbos off the bedpost.

When you awake after your "one night stand" and feel empty, like you shared nothing special, you'll know what I mean.

Yes ladies, even we brutes are capable of honest feelings , as much as it's not considered too cool for us to show them.

When I've shown my feelings to women, I've often had it turned against me as a weapon.

Resisting this and trying to remain an open, loving and kind man demonstrates the meaning of bravery.

A trained, professional soldier, that has had his heart broke. I'd rather get shot.

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