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Originally Posted by fc*uk View Post
In my line of work, this has actually caused a massive snafu. Yes, we have known this was coming for years; there is nothing we could have done about it.

Validated systems running software from scientific vendors that runs scientific equipment. Vista was such a mess that no scientific vendor coded anything for it; use XP they said. Windows 7 came along and these same people said, XP is still supported, but yes, we are trying to get out Windows 7 drivers. The plug gets pulled on XP, vendors release drivers and compatible software months prior at best, and we are expected to revalidate all of our laboratory equipment in a few months?

Can't happen. The result: computers are being pulled onto closed networks/given no outside world access, which is making life a pain in the arse...
I've had to do this with some industrial equipment. These machines have controller cards which simply don't exist under Visa/7/8. Pulling them onto their own network is all well and good, but what happens when the hardware fails?

I actually had one industrial machine manufacturer tell me to go find something on ebay. I ended up finding a niche supplier for what this client needed, but that is not going to work in all cases.

To be clear, I'm not angry towards Microsoft for this. XP needed to go for about 10,000 reasons (and as a sysadmin, I was getting pretty tired of most of the GP preferences not working correctly, even with the client side extensions update. Good riddance). However, before too long, I'm going to have clients looking at replacing 7 figure equipment because a $2,000 PC died.

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