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I wish, I could have learned to know Windows XP...

March 2004 I had bought 2 computers with Windows XP for Frank. June 2007 one of his PCs had a virus, it had to be brought to the service shop, Windows XP had to be reinstalled. It wasn't possible anymore to turn on the other one. At the same time I bought a new PC for him, with Windows Vista 32-bit. August 2009 I bought my first own PC, also with Windows Vista 32-bit. July 2013 my PC got 2 new harddrives, and Windows Vista had to be reinstalled, it is 64-bit now. November 2011 I bought my notebook with Windows 7 64-bit for listening & watching to the music also in the bed. At first I always asked Frank, but now he always asks me, if there is a question about computing.

Somebody has said, a computer with Windows XP would be more vulnerable to viruses than a computer with Windows Vista or Windows 7. There will be no more Windows Update for Windows XP, but why shouldn't computers with Windows XP be used only in offline mode? Also the offline mode is possible. Many music composers prefer Windows XP. I tell the people also: "Don't take Windows 8, take Windows 7!".

I have fears, that our 2 old computers with Windows XP cannot be turned on anymore, and we don't have the money right now for the service shop (everything else has become more expensive in the last years). And then my plans cannot be implemented in the doing. I had already some very important plans with one of the old PCs, but I always miss so much in my life, also my own experiences with Windows XP...

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