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Okay, I was able to turn on this one old XP machine, but not the monitor, also "very good". And now? Without working monitor I cannot see something. The monitor is from 2004 like the other old monitor from Frank, which had died in November 2013. I had already bought a replacement monitor from Aldi in October, because his old monitor was dying on, and when it was dead, I had connected the new one immediately. No money right now for another new monitor, and the old XP machine will go off again in some minutes directly via the button. At least I hear "life" from this machine...

Then I have to "jump into the cold water", a German phrase, if a person has to try something very new, although this person is afraid a little bit. I have only my PC and my notebook now, and I have to try something very new directly there. You know, I cannot take Frank's PC without asking him, and he wants to keep his PC "very simple" (also no Winamp on his PC). I hope it will go well, if I "jump" today...

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