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The monitor of the old XP machine works. I have checked the cables and reconnected. The power cable wasn't connected correctly...

I have deleted some other WAVs, which I don't need on the XP machine (the music didn't have been from us, and it's already on the other 2 computers). On this machine there should be only music & videos from us, also only my own artwork. I want to keep enough disk space free. I have discovered, the local harddrive C has totally 37.2 GB, 5.32 GB are still free, the other 31.9 GB contain our own artist works. The backup D has totally 34.3 GB, 31.8 GB are free, 2.44 GB are in use. The recover E has totally 2.92 GB, 1.39 GB are free, 1.53 GB are in use. I have also looked into the control panel. The monitor has a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixel, I read also: "Plug and Play-Monitor with NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X (Microsoft Corporation)". The soundcard seems to be Realtek AC97 Audio, but I see no "What You Hear" and no "Stereomix" in the settings. I have already mentioned, that June 2007 Windows XP had to be reinstalled.

There is only IrfanView, Goldwave 2001 and the Windows Media Player for XP. I have played a short video. Not sure, if Winamp will come to there. Maybe Frank wants to use this machine. It has 2 accounts: Frank's account and mine. I have turned on the XP machine with Frank's account. But also if no Winamp will come to there, at least our own music and those .wmv-files, which I have created with Windows Movie Maker, our album art, my textures and my Terragen Artwork are there now. Frank could use this machine offline again, if he wants that.

Aminifu, I have copied Your instructions via .txt-file to my notebook. I didn't have the time yet to try that, because Frank and I got an E-Mail yesterday. The broadcast on Mixlr is not for free anymore. I had a bad evening, after on 29th April I had enjoyed one of the cPro2-Skins so much, and I wanted to repeat that. I have already created 5 new .m3u-playlists with Winamp for my next live-broadcasts...

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