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Originally Posted by Satuim View Post
Windows XP is the last windows OS that has a "classic" vibe (if you could call it that)
Windows XP was perfect for me to experience old OS's without actually ever using them.
What exactly are you referring to? If it's the look and feel, you still can use the "old look" if you want -- the options for it might be a bit difficult to find, but they're still there. At work I have Aero disabled on 7, and so on, because I don't want to be distracted by the flashy effects and whatnot. You can even disable most of the new start menu/taskbar features if you really want to.

If it's applications, I don't know what your beef is -- you might not be able to run really old games or the like (but then there's DOSBox and such), but most applications have either been updated to work on "newer" versions of Windows (i.e. 2000+) or have been superceded with applications that have...

XP, like every other OS put out by .. uh.. anyone, was slated to have support dropped for it eventually -- you knew this, everyone else did. XP might just be the one that survived the longest, which certainly does say a few things about it, but that doesn't mean it's going to be around forever.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
XP ... classic! That's funny.

Guess you never used (or saw) DOS or Windows 3.1.
I remember using DOS and Win 3.1 on a 486 laptop in high school. Yup. 486. Laptop. Oh, and the battery was completely dead so I had to carry around the brick and plug it in, in any class I wanted to use it with. Fun times.
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