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I didn't look deeper into the previews of Winamp in the taskbar on Vista & Win7 yet (I should do that the next time), and Windows 8 / 8.1 has the Metro View by default. The most of my former & remained contacts in Berlin don't have a computer, or some of them have Mac instead of Windows. If a few of them had Winamp on the PC, then Winamp wasn't open at the time, when I had visited them and their PCs were turned on. But also I myself have retired, and I will not see a computer of someone else in the next time.

Aminifu, You have said in post #31, You don't think so, Vista & Win7 would live for the same long time like XP did. 14 years were very long, also I agree, that XP is a legend in the computer world. Sure, an old XP machine will still work, until the motherboard will break. And it has already been mentioned in this thread, that old replacement parts are not available anymore.

Again I have found true XP Users in Facebook. One of them got the automatic installation of an unwanted software during visiting a website and didn't have success yet to get rid off this malware (maybe a reinstall of Windows XP will be neccessary). We have discussed, and then someone has said, such an unwanted installation wouldn't have happened on Vista, Win7 and above, because UAC prevents it. I get the UAC message on Vista & Win7 also, if I copy & paste Winamp Skins and Milkdrop Presets.

On XP there is no UAC. I have missed Notepad++ on the old XP machine and also the "Mp3.dll" in the plugins folder of IrfanView, and I have changed that without getting the UAC message. It's very good, that the old XP machine is offline forever. Nobody can hack into this machine via the internet and make some changings on the computer without my knowledge.

Many people complain about UAC, especially, if they want to start an installed software and if they are prompted with the UAC message (sometimes it can happen, too), but I think, UAC is very good, since I have seen that with the mentioned example in Facebook now. And I think, nobody wants to get suddenly an unwanted software on the computer.

I wish good luck for my Facebook-Friend with the old XP machine...

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