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1. what you are trying to pass isn't an integer, it is a string. An Integer is a numeric value.

2. you are only passing through a linefeed but not a carryage return

3. there is no empty line at the end

try this:
echo "/path/to/song/song1.mp3\r\n";
echo "/path/to/song/song2.mp3\r\n";
echo "\r\n";

if this still doesn't work you can try a small workaround like this

$songlist = "":
$songlist .= "/path/to/song/song_1.mp3\r\n";
$songlist .= "/path/to/song/song_2.mp3\r\n";
//add as much as needed lines like this
$songlist .= "/path/to/song/song_xy.mp3\r\n";
$songlist .= "\r\n";

$fp = fopen("/path/to/playlist.lst", "w");
fputs($fp, $songlinst);

and include /path/to/playlist.lst in your sc_trans.conf

file the file playlist.lst need filepermission 0777 or rwxrwxrwx and php need permissions to write to the outputdir.

Originally posted by WebemSegundos
Hi, (again, nobody answer me...)

On playlist, I´m using a command to run a php page and return 2 songs. This songs are returned like it:
echo "/home/onlinefm/mp3a/song1.mp3\n";
echo "/home/onlinefm/mp3a/song2.mp3\n";

But, only first song was played. The second song was ignored.

Why? How can I do it?

On docs.txt have a very short explanation about an integer to pass, but how can I pass this integer? Some examples?


Marcelo Gomes
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