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A qestion to the development team.

you say, we need to buy a key for legal reasons to stream in mp3 format. I still wonder what are those legal reasons. There are many free encoders out there, for eg. lame.

Don't get me wrong, i don't care about the 5 US$ for the key, but im wondering.

- You need about a whole year to get from beta5 to beta6.

- There have been some featurerequest you don't even answer to.

- this version is still beta not a release canidate or a final

- you want us to act as betatester for your software

- without a vailid key i can't test all features (mp3 streaming)

- if i buy a key and it doesnt work as aspected/promised i lost my money

I'm also a coder (php) and i know what it means to develop a piece of software and what it means to test it. I repeat, i dont't think 5$ are to expensive and i would love to pay it, if works. But i don't like to pay for a beta version where i don't know when the next release would be.

So where are those legal reasons? Please explain. Maybe i (we) will understand why i (we) have to pay for testing.

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