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Originally posted by WebemSegundos
jaromanda... if you don´t know about this, please, don´t answer.

Let neil, faisal or anybody who really know the answer, answer me.

But, if you don´t know (or don´t read it), the sc_trans can run external programs to get the next song. Did you understood now?
My apologies - yes, I do know about that, I had a temporary brain fart as I associate php with web pages rather than as a general "scripting" language

I imagine the number passed to your php script would be a command line parameter accessible through teh $args variable

PHP Code:
foreach($args as $key => $value)
P.S. Neither neil nor faisal could be bothered answering you the first, nor the second time. I tried to understand the question so I could possibly help seeing as my sc_trans works 100% compared to most of the numpty n00bs who can't get it to work at all

so, drop the 'tude, dude - at least I TRIED to help

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did

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