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Originally posted by MADxHAWK
introfile and backupfile are in the new sc_trans.


are sc_trans options that allow you to specify the files to be encoded and pushed to the server as intro and backup files. The advantage here should be obvious. You don't have to worry about deploying files with the correct codec or bitrate for each stream. sc_trans will do that automatically.

This feature only works with protocol=3 as it uses extensions of the Ultravox packet system to move the data.


thx for explaining nradisch

would be nice to know if you plan to add sugested features like
introfile and backupfile to sc_trans.

If a dj connects to sc_trans the automatic played song will be stopped. this results in 2 problems.

1. if the dj stop streaming, the stopped song will continue playing at the position where it was stopped. My sugestion, skip current playing song if a dj connect and start a new one if dj is finnished.

2. add ability to add intro and/or backupfile to sc_trans config. So you will be able to let sc_trans play a short intro / outro. This could prevent the autodj from playing a song when one dj hands over to another.

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