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ok nradish, thanks for the clarification...

i'm having a problem with sc_trans having more thank two streamids...

i believe it's sc_trans, and not sc_serv because:

right now i've sc_serv using yp2 from streamsolutions, configured to relay the same server (my own "production station" since i don't know any public stations for relay besides my own) 5 time, like with 5 diferent mountpoins.

everything is working.

but when i try to run sc_trans with a playlist, and with 3 or more streamsIDs (being the only diference the bitrate) i get only two to receive a successfull ACK from yp2, and the other(s) gettting this error:

2010-04-19 11:36:39 D msg:gotResponseReqest key=2 cmd=0
Response body=[

2010-04-19 11:36:39 E msg:[yp2] XML parser error: no element found at line 1

is anyone testing multistream and getting the same problem?!

i don't know if yp2 that is being used(?)/debugged(?)/developed(?) at streamsolutions it's the same that it is supposed to be used on shoutcast in the future...
but it looks like to me, that yp2 service or sc_trans messes up with more than two IDs..

any help?
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