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hey elpotente,

thanks for the link...i'm aware of that... (i might not getting the information as is, since english is not my native language).

but, i do stream with 2 stream ids, with 3 or more...the sc_trans gets all f*cked up....and not working has expected...

even with publicserver=never and public=0 ...

please try to have sc2_trans drop 6 with 2 diferent streamids...u'll get it to work (at least if you have access to yp2 at streamsolutions [changing only the bitrate]), then kill sc2_trans...configure a third ID with a lower bitrate..and sc2_trans will get all messed up.

nradish (or anyother sc2 developer), have you ever tryed 3 or more streamids ?

PS - once again elpotente, thanks for the help mate.
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