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streamtitle is not a "multi" option as you've found out. An oversight I suppose. I always saw a single instance of sc_trans providing data for a single station (though perhaps at multiple bitrates).


Originally Posted by njasm View Post
i don't know if i can use streamtitle_X= abcd, streamtitle_Y=efgh and streamtitle_Z=ijkl .

if i should be able to use them... they're not sc_serv let me access my 3 diferent mountpoints...but all have the last "streamtitle_" sent to server , in this case the Z one.

anyone can show me some light on this?

i believe that a sc_serv.conf starting with a ";" would be discarded...i believe this would comment out that line. if that's the case... then,

i've manage to stream 3 diferent bitrates to my sc_Serv(configured only with 2 id's), and accessed the "crusher" stream for listening successfully...
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