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Ok, I'm testing drop 6, and while it's streaming properly, I've got a few errors in the log, and a few things I'm not clear on.

1. Has the calendar.xml changed format?
My old calendar.xml had entries like this:

<event type="dj">
<dj archive="1">bacon</dj>
<calendar starttime="10:59:00" duration="02:00:00" repeat="1" />

The new testui shows "undefined" for each DJ in my calendar though.

2. In the testui, I'm still not getting the VU Meter images. Just a broken image placeholder. What should I set the vuimagedirectory to?

3. I'd like to set the streamed metadata for each track from my playlist to just "Artist - Song," but even after setting what I thought was right (%R - %N), no change on the stream.

4. Specific errors that are showing up in the log now:
2010-06-01 01:06:12 W msg:RGAD tag not supported in file /mnt/music/E/Embrace Selegy/Embrace Selegy - Gemini.mp3

2010-06-01 01:06:50 W msg:[rgCalc] rename() of /tmp/sct-JTmrNP to /mnt/music/S/Soulfly/Soulfly - Touching the Void.mp3 failed. Trying less safe unlink() and copy()

2010-06-01 01:11:10 msg:Failure converting filename to metadata Premature end of data (*/%TIT2.*)

2010-06-01 01:24:29 E msg:[ID3V2] Very badly formed data in file /mnt/music/N/Nightwish/Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer.mp3 Bad frame ID

Thanks in advance for helping with these!
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