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Custom Tag reader plugin help

Hi I'm a beginner at programming (Java OO originally, now C/C++) and I need help designing and programming a winamp plugin to show lyrics which I am able to put into WavPack files by the use of the

wavpack foo.wav -w ""

tag input. The Lyrics are in .SRT format (just for demonstration purposes) and looks like this

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:5,000
Lisa Miskovski - Still Alive
Lyrics by RickJames

00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:24,000
You have changed
I have changed

00:00:24,000 --> 00:00:30,000
Just like you
Just like you

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:34,000
For how long
For how long

00:00:34,000 --> 00:00:38,000
Must I wait
I know there's something wrong


<start-time hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds> --> <end-time hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds>
<Lyrics to displayed at corresponding times (multiple lines)>

I've made a small command line program that reads tags from a wavpack file and spilts them out in reasonable time if you execute it and play the song reasonably quickly.

The program is at 'mega uploads . com /?d=BCXVBEPF'
and a sample song embedded with lyrics is at /?d=2SXYMATN at the same website

I'd really like to know how to turn that into a plugin for winamp that I can then transfer the lyrics tags to other formats like MP3, FLAC, etc.

If anyone is interested I'll post up the source code for that little program as well.

Thank you
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