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the main issue you're going to experience is getting tags saved into other formats as there's no native way with Winamp's metadata api's to read / write custom metadata tags without the native plug-ins being updated to cope with them.

the other option is you have your own tag read/write libraries for accessing mp3 and flac for example. WavPack would have the same issue as the native plug-ins for getting custom tags from what i remember of the source code of the Winamp plug-in.

i believe this is one of the main reasons for other lyrics plug-ins using external files (which also makes it easier to use with other players). so i think you're going to have to look at thnigs in a different manner if you're looking to get things running with embedding into tags if going the Winamp route (Foobar2000 shouldn't have such limitations from what i remember though i'm not 100% sure seeing as you're going to be targeting that as well).

so main summary is unless the input plug-in for a format supports the 'lyrics' tag you'd want to use you're going to have to manually add / read those tags if using the Winamp approach.

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