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[Help needed] Lyrics in Winamp

Ok, I THOUGHT this would be a simple matter circa 2011 but apparently I must be in the minority or sth.

I am looking for a Winamp plug-in that will automatically download the song's UNSYNCED lyrics from the Internet, save them in the ID3v2 tag, NOT in a lyrics folder, and subsequently load them from the ID3v2 tag every time the song is being played.

A quick search yielded about a dozen or so plug-ins "actively" in development plus another dozen or so "stable".
Not one of which will do what I want. One will only display already saved lyrics. Another will fetch them from the internet but will not save them at all or it will only save them as TXT files. Yet another insists to present them karaoke mode whether I like it or not!.

gen_lyrics now crashes winamp on load and Leo's lyrics hasn't worked for about two or so years.

Any suggestions oh wise men of the amp that wins over all?
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