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NEW VERSION - event cuer and Karaoke for Milkdrop2

Same ongoing mission, but now the Karaoke functions work. Below is a sample *.mdc file for use with the soundtrack version of Summer Nights from Grease. Couldn't upload song - maybe too large, or some copyright filter here.

See "Read Me.txt" in zip file. The job isn't 100% complete, consider it homework to complete the last verse.

Future work will allow a new setting in each song file, like time-offset and tempo, so the same file can be tweaked to play on different recordings of song (as long as otherwise structure is same, of course).

//vis_mdc.dll is a modified compile of MilkDrop2 that cues events to the playing song according to
//a supplemental file for each song. The following...
// -title pops [title##]
// -sprite pop-ups and terminations [sprite##]
// -switches to presets [preset##]
// -artistic text pop-ups [text##] (not the custom messages, but text defined for each song per file)
// -lyrics pop-ups [karaoke##]
//can be controlled/synched with mdc (MilkDrop Cue) - the format is below for each type of entry in the files,
//and there can be up to 64 of each kind per file.
//It will look for a file (like this one) in the same directory as the playing
//song - loaded upon song change or first start.
//The filename should be IDENTICAL to song file but with *.mdc extension.
//In fact - right now, the plug has a glitch (fix coming) that limits use to songs with
//file type having an exactly three letter *.xxx extension as is, such as .mp3.
//One other feature, Milkdrop visual presets file named beginning with "_" character will be skipped over on
//random seek by user or code by this compile. I did this because there are some presets that I like, such as
//one that's out there that looks like Pac-Man with Ghosts, but I don't generally want that
//popping up. I renamed the preset "_Like Pac Man.milk". Of course, I can manually cursor to it still
//or cue it from these *.mdc files, like one I could make for the song "Pac Mac Fever".
//Orignal sprite and messaging should remain in tact (including up to message99). See below each example entry here
//for summer nights for per-event-type instructions.
//When I am playing scripted songs like this, I like to turn off random song title pops, random message pop ups,
//and remove the extra random time between presets (see visualization config tab).
//Title popup on song change I usually leave in place. Note - there can still be ONLY ONE text pop-up on screen at a time, so
//random pops will kill any graphic text or lyrics on screen - and they will overwrite any text as well.
//coming soon...
//a time offset and tempo entry to keep a given *mdc file synced with various
//subtly different versions of songs.

//cue the image00 defined in the img.ini file - and kill at after 8 seconds.
//show starting at time 0:03 and leave on for 8 seconds duration.

//cue the image01 defined in img.ini and let it handle it's own death.

name=_Aderrasi - Green Lock Tumblers (Receding Mix).milk
//Start is the playback time to invoke the named preset within the default directory.
//Range is the range above Start (in sec) that will still trigger the preset if a ffwd or rwnd
//lands in that interval.
//Blend is the time to blend into this preset.
//Notice the "_" beginning of preset filename - this preset would never be chose by the player randomly.

//Start is the trigger time to have the song title pop-up.
//Range is as for [preset##] above.
//This was added here in case player has "show title on change" turned off - to insure title shows for this song.

//Nice touch to re=show song title as song ends/fades. Could do with artistic text, too.

text=From the motion picture GREASE.
r = 255
g = 255
b = 0
//All custom [message##] attributes are available - as for msg.ini, including font definitions.
//Start and Time parameters added to normal message type being the start playback point and
//time (in sec) on screen before termination to background.

partL=Summer lovin', had me a blast!
partB=Summer lovin', happened so fast!
start = 5.0
promptL = 8.0
promptB = 12.0
end = 14.0
//Fonts and colors already prechosen. I want any future attempts to adapt files from exisitng lyrics formats
//to this one to be as painless as possible. Hoping this will catch on, and we can develop a large public
//FOSS database of karaoke files for Winamp.
//partL is "lead" - shown at the top of the screen in blue. Quotations optional.
//partD is "duet" (or solo, really) - shown in the middle in green.
//partB is "backing" (or co-singer, really) - shown toward the bottom in pink.
//Start is the playback time to splash this lyrics set on screen.
//The prompts give the times at which to shade the parts to signal start to actually sing.
//End is usual - time to kill this pop-up. See below for more examples.
//[preset##] [text##] and all entries can be placed in the file in any order.

partL=I met a girl, crazy for me.
partB=Met a boy, cute as can be.
start = 14.0
promptL = 16.0
promptB = 20.0
end = 21.5

partD="Summer days, driftin' away. To ah...\all those su-u-mmer nights."
start = 22.0
promptD = 23.75
end = 28.5

partL="{backing males}\O-well, o-well, o-well, a-uh!\Tell me more, tell me more,\did you get very far?"
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\Like does he have a car?"
start = 29.0
promptL = 29.5
promptB = 35.0
end = 40.0

partL=She swam by me.\She got a cramp.
partB=He ran by me.\Got my suit damp.
start = 41.0
promptL = 43.0
promptB = 47.0
end = 48.5

partL=Saved her life.\She nearly drowned!
partB=He showed off.\Splashin' around.
start = 49.0
promptL = 50.5
promptB = 54.5
end = 56.0

partD=Summer sun... something's begun.\But ah...\all those su-u-ummer nights.
start = 56.5
promptD = 58.0
end = 62.0

partD="{backing voices}\O-well, o-well, o-well, a-uh!"
start = 62.0
promptD = 64.0
end = 65.0

partL="{backing males}\Tell me more, tell me more,\did she put up a fight?"
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\Was it love at first sight?"
start = 65.0
promptL = 70.0
promptB = 66.0
end = 72.0

partL="{backing males}\Uh, uh..."
partB="{backing females}\Down, doobie-doo..."
start = 72.0
promptB = 73.0
promptL = 74.0
end = 78.0

partL=Took her bowling, in the arcade.
partB=We went strolling, drank lemonade.
start = 79.0
promptL = 81.9
promptB = 85.0
end = 85.75

partL=We made out, under the dock.
partB=We stayed out, 'til o'clock.
partD={backing females} stayed out...\'til ten o'clock...
start = 87.0
promptL = 89
promptB = 93
promptD = 93
end = 94.5

partD=Summer fling, don't mean a thing.\But ah...\all those summer niiiights!
start = 95.0
promptD = 97
end = 103

partL="{backing males}\Tell me more, tell me more,\but you don't gotta brag."
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\'cos he sounds like a drag!"
start = 104.0
promptL = 104.5
promptB = 108.2
end = 112

partD="{backing voices} shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop, yeah!"
start = 112.1
promptD = 113
end = 119
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