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Originally Posted by dickchuck View Post
Same ongoing mission, but now the Karaoke functions work. Below is a sample *.mdc file for use with the soundtrack version of Summer Nights from Grease. Couldn't upload song - maybe too large, or some copyright filter here.

See "Read Me.txt" in zip file. The job isn't 100% complete, consider it homework to complete the last verse.

Future work will allow a new setting in each song file, like time-offset and tempo, so the same file can be tweaked to play on different recordings of song (as long as otherwise structure is same, of course).
Wow, that's pretty awesome! I'm gonna check this out… Thank you so much for sharing!

I'm glad to see that somebody has been doing something with the MD code since it was open sourced. Maybe more are and they just haven't finished yet, or decided to share…
Unfortunately this forum will be gone in less than a month and who knows where/how I would be able to find out about any developments/updates to MD.
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