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Hi Chiggy,

You'll need a plug-in to do this. Native support for Lyric3 is very limited in Winamp, in fact it doesn't really support Lyric3 at all, just looks for an extended info field.

If you have any existing Lyric3 files then be careful not to tell Winamp to delete ID3v1 tags. Strictly speaking Lyric3 is an extension of the ID3v1 tag and other programs will find it necessary for correct parsing.

There were a couple of plug-ins that handled Lyric3 very well, one for reading and one for writing, but they broke when Winamp went multi user. Last time I had a look they were still usable if you were prepared to play with the 'paths.ini' file, but I found this caused more trouble than it was worth.

It's a very easy issue for the plug-in author to fix, but never been able to contact him.

I liked Lyric3 - as well as lyrics you could embed atrwork and even set up little slide shows. Shame it's gone.

Don't know if there is a currently working plug-in, someone else may have some ideas.

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