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Karaoke Inside AVS effects

Originally Posted by dickchuck View Post
Same ongoing mission, but now the Karaoke functions work. Below is a sample *.mdc file for use with the soundtrack version of Summer Nights from Grease. Couldn't upload song - maybe too large, or some copyright filter here.

See "Read Me.txt" in zip file. The job isn't 100% complete, consider it homework to complete the last verse.

Future work will allow a new setting in each song file, like time-offset and tempo, so the same file can be tweaked to play on different recordings of song (as long as otherwise structure is same, of course).

//vis_mdc.dll is a modified compile of MilkDrop2 that cues events to the playing song according to
//a supplemental file for each song. The following...
// -title pops [title##]
// -sprite pop-ups and terminations [sprite##]
// -switches to presets [preset##]
// -artistic text pop-ups [text##] (not the custom messages, but text defined for each song per file)
// -lyrics pop-ups [karaoke##]
//can be controlled/synched with mdc (MilkDrop Cue) - the format is below for each type of entry in the files,
//and there can be up to 64 of each kind per file.
//It will look for a file (like this one) in the same directory as the playing
//song - loaded upon song change or first start.
//The filename should be IDENTICAL to song file but with *.mdc extension.
//In fact - right now, the plug has a glitch (fix coming) that limits use to songs with
//file type having an exactly three letter *.xxx extension as is, such as .mp3.
//One other feature, Milkdrop visual presets file named beginning with "_" character will be skipped over on
//random seek by user or code by this compile. I did this because there are some presets that I like, such as
//one that's out there that looks like Pac-Man with Ghosts, but I don't generally want that
//popping up. I renamed the preset "_Like Pac Man.milk". Of course, I can manually cursor to it still
//or cue it from these *.mdc files, like one I could make for the song "Pac Mac Fever".
//Orignal sprite and messaging should remain in tact (including up to message99). See below each example entry here
//for summer nights for per-event-type instructions.
//When I am playing scripted songs like this, I like to turn off random song title pops, random message pop ups,
//and remove the extra random time between presets (see visualization config tab).
//Title popup on song change I usually leave in place. Note - there can still be ONLY ONE text pop-up on screen at a time, so
//random pops will kill any graphic text or lyrics on screen - and they will overwrite any text as well.
//coming soon...
//a time offset and tempo entry to keep a given *mdc file synced with various
//subtly different versions of songs.

//cue the image00 defined in the img.ini file - and kill at after 8 seconds.
//show starting at time 0:03 and leave on for 8 seconds duration.

//cue the image01 defined in img.ini and let it handle it's own death.

name=_Aderrasi - Green Lock Tumblers (Receding Mix).milk
//Start is the playback time to invoke the named preset within the default directory.
//Range is the range above Start (in sec) that will still trigger the preset if a ffwd or rwnd
//lands in that interval.
//Blend is the time to blend into this preset.
//Notice the "_" beginning of preset filename - this preset would never be chose by the player randomly.

//Start is the trigger time to have the song title pop-up.
//Range is as for [preset##] above.
//This was added here in case player has "show title on change" turned off - to insure title shows for this song.

//Nice touch to re=show song title as song ends/fades. Could do with artistic text, too.

text=From the motion picture GREASE.
r = 255
g = 255
b = 0
//All custom [message##] attributes are available - as for msg.ini, including font definitions.
//Start and Time parameters added to normal message type being the start playback point and
//time (in sec) on screen before termination to background.

partL=Summer lovin', had me a blast!
partB=Summer lovin', happened so fast!
start = 5.0
promptL = 8.0
promptB = 12.0
end = 14.0
//Fonts and colors already prechosen. I want any future attempts to adapt files from exisitng lyrics formats
//to this one to be as painless as possible. Hoping this will catch on, and we can develop a large public
//FOSS database of karaoke files for Winamp.
//partL is "lead" - shown at the top of the screen in blue. Quotations optional.
//partD is "duet" (or solo, really) - shown in the middle in green.
//partB is "backing" (or co-singer, really) - shown toward the bottom in pink.
//Start is the playback time to splash this lyrics set on screen.
//The prompts give the times at which to shade the parts to signal start to actually sing.
//End is usual - time to kill this pop-up. See below for more examples.
//[preset##] [text##] and all entries can be placed in the file in any order.

partL=I met a girl, crazy for me.
partB=Met a boy, cute as can be.
start = 14.0
promptL = 16.0
promptB = 20.0
end = 21.5

partD="Summer days, driftin' away. To ah...\all those su-u-mmer nights."
start = 22.0
promptD = 23.75
end = 28.5

partL="{backing males}\O-well, o-well, o-well, a-uh!\Tell me more, tell me more,\did you get very far?"
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\Like does he have a car?"
start = 29.0
promptL = 29.5
promptB = 35.0
end = 40.0

partL=She swam by me.\She got a cramp.
partB=He ran by me.\Got my suit damp.
start = 41.0
promptL = 43.0
promptB = 47.0
end = 48.5

partL=Saved her life.\She nearly drowned!
partB=He showed off.\Splashin' around.
start = 49.0
promptL = 50.5
promptB = 54.5
end = 56.0

partD=Summer sun... something's begun.\But ah...\all those su-u-ummer nights.
start = 56.5
promptD = 58.0
end = 62.0

partD="{backing voices}\O-well, o-well, o-well, a-uh!"
start = 62.0
promptD = 64.0
end = 65.0

partL="{backing males}\Tell me more, tell me more,\did she put up a fight?"
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\Was it love at first sight?"
start = 65.0
promptL = 70.0
promptB = 66.0
end = 72.0

partL="{backing males}\Uh, uh..."
partB="{backing females}\Down, doobie-doo..."
start = 72.0
promptB = 73.0
promptL = 74.0
end = 78.0

partL=Took her bowling, in the arcade.
partB=We went strolling, drank lemonade.
start = 79.0
promptL = 81.9
promptB = 85.0
end = 85.75

partL=We made out, under the dock.
partB=We stayed out, 'til o'clock.
partD={backing females} stayed out...\'til ten o'clock...
start = 87.0
promptL = 89
promptB = 93
promptD = 93
end = 94.5

partD=Summer fling, don't mean a thing.\But ah...\all those summer niiiights!
start = 95.0
promptD = 97
end = 103

partL="{backing males}\Tell me more, tell me more,\but you don't gotta brag."
partB="{backing females}\Tell me more, tell me more,\'cos he sounds like a drag!"
start = 104.0
promptL = 104.5
promptB = 108.2
end = 112

partD="{backing voices} shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop\shoo-pop-pop, shoo-pop-pop, yeah!"
start = 112.1
promptD = 113
end = 119
Hy friends, as I show in this picture
I' d like to have just one better equiped system where I can sync text files or import mid or cdg files for use with (inside) AVS effect visualization plugin (such as milkdrop effects)
Karaoke effect is possible of course, but three separate systems (Lyrics window, CDG software creations and MDC files)
Mdc files but very difficult for textual syncronization line by line in mdc)
So Really it doesnt possible to link a preset AVS to a text file with timing start and ending words?
Or better It doesnt possible to have a human way to manage MDC files for sync?
Milkdrop2 I think is the best solution (great dickchuck ) but without a sync tool too difdfult for manage lyrics
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