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Synchro App for MDC files

I was just playing around with the MDC version of Milkdrop2 that I use for 4th of July fireworks show backdrop as well as some custom Karaoke-ing when I thought I'd check and see if anyone had ever "run with the ball" since I last checked in. I now have a library of a few dozen Karaoke files that I use at weddings and for live shows with my band and what not. BTW it adds a great effect for live performances to Milkdrop a projected background that has lyrics / images / and line-in live beat detection running. Really brings a show to life.


I see that at least one other person would like a better way to construct the MDC files than text editing and by ear timing. I always had planned to create a little program for that. So, I will try to cook something up this week and hopefully get you some easier use.

I had hoped someone would run with this and we could grow a database of MDC karaoke files, or better yet - someone with knowledge of lyrics databases out there could help automate to a way to pull lyrics/timing info from those files into an MDC file. I think this will need an added feature - to put an "offset time" at the start of the MDC file... because we all have gotten mp3s from so many sources that the actual start time of the music could vary as much as a few seconds for the "same" song. Needs someway to quickly 'adjust' the file for these variations before popular acceptance.
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