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The original Resident Evil is still the best survival horror game to this day IMO. I downloaded the Gamecube remake the other day so I can play it on my PC, and it still gives me the chills. Maybe I'll finally beat it after all these years...

Originally posted by Too-DAMN-Much
meh, left 4 dead was awesome, untill i beat all 4 *cough* extremely short *cough* 5 mission campaigns and got bored with the general laziness coupled with non linear levels and uninstalled it.

that and there's what? 5 weapons you can get not counting throwable/one time use crap?
You'll probably like L4D2 a lot more. If you haven't played it by now, you should be. There's so much more variety and game modes. And remember, it's all about the multiplayer. Playing solo with bots is boring.

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