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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
Sometimes the married women of your friends...
I think that's something that could get a little complicated based on the gal you're picking up's reaction, but if it works for you, I really can't argue.

@ Mr. Jones - Everyone has to write their own rules, so I can respect your difference here, but last few times I tried what you suggest (while I was single of course), we ended up not picking someone else up and instead woke up the next morning together, which was quite awkward and complicated. I temporarily messed up a couple very strong friendships doing that exact thing. You and the wingwoman see each other showing their best sides, and suddenly start liking what you see...

You mention the competition aspect of having a wingMAN, which is a legitimate concern. But, you just have to be on your game enough to win, or pick someone that isn't currently shopping, or take the easy way out and pick someone that's very likely to be the less desirable or very different choice in the eye of the gal you're trying to pick up.

Perhaps avoiding a sidekick is the best way to go; that's how it ended up working for me.

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