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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
Weed? I dunno. I'm not that impressed with the modern cush. If I could go back to the 70's and get some Panama Red, I could probably go for that. It was a different high and it wasn't as potent. It's not really social to smoke the one hit wonder bud. It's sort of hit or miss as to whether that would make me feel better or worse. Cush sometimes makes me kinda edgy. Booze is even something I usually avoid these days.
Yeah the modern stuff can be a bit intimidating to an oldschool hippie such as yourself. Over where you live you probably won't find anything other than medical grade. I'm closer to Mexico so we have a much larger selection. The mid-grade stuff we have is about $30/half ounce (compared to $20/gram for medical grade) and I've heard it smokes not unlike 70s bud. Definitely two different highs between the different grades, for sure. I didn't like the high-grade at first either but you get used to it once tolerance kicks in.

Regardless, I've taken a break from all the stuff; I'm not as big of a stoner as I used to be back in '09-10, when I was literally getting high all day every day. I don't eat or sleep as well anymore but my overall energy level has gone up.

Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
I just figured an energetic hottie was all I needed, but it was more for impressing everyone else rather than what I really wanted and needed. That worked for a while. Lots of ego during social events and excitement afterwards, but aggravation on the phone and when trying to tolerate each other any other time. It was ok when I was far too busy to even consider "quality time" with anyone or anything outside of school, work, or sleep. But, getting older and seeing a bigger picture changed everything. You start looking for someone you can 100% live with, not someone you can 5% boast about.
Well I've never been big on the hotties. I'm attracted to the kind of women my shallow friends wouldn't give a second glance to. Give me a cute, average-looking girl any day over a supermodel. I've always been into the artsy, somewhat strange girls; their quirks are a massive turn-on for me.

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