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I wouldn't call it intimidating, just not relaxing. It's not a matter of grade. PR was plenty strong, but it was mellow. I like to sleep. Sens keeps me awake. We get the Mexican stuff around here and in the same price range too. It usually tastes like shit.

With booze. At 50, I just don't think my liver likes me any more. If I drink a little it just kinda makes me sick. If I drink a lot, I'll be hungover for 3 days.

I think you get to where you really consider what you wanted to be taking or drinking. I smoked quite a bit of weed in my life, but I don't know if I enjoyed it. Booze is just kinda mostly off the table because the side effects are so nasty. I'm not sure I really enjoyed that so much either. You drink because people around you are? Straight is pretty good. Really, looking at it, the best times I've had is when I was sober.

I need a new drug... one that does what it should...

2 ibuprofen and a cup of chamomile tea is about as good as I'm gonna do tonight. I just got back from my bicycle "loop" a nice square of smooth level road .. 4 miles.. Hauled ass. Burned off some piss and cigarettes. I should sleep.
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