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Look into a good cannabis indica
That stuff came from SE Asia when you could find it. I think some of the Canadian strains are hybrids. You can tell because of the broad leaves. I'm old, not dead. Class of 1980. Meth wasn't big yet. No crack. More weed choices than you have. There was some heroin around. Lot's of cocaine.

They didn't call crank, crank. They called it crystal meth, but only real walking felonies did it. It was kinda not socially acceptable. Cocaine was big. You could get *******eutical speed really easy. Most people didn't consider it recreational. I didn't. It was for when you work all day and study all night. It wasn't near as strong as meth and you'd come down easy in 4 hours unlike grinding your teeth off for 24 hours with the bathtub shit. I did that shit one and I do mean one time. No freaking thanks. I'd like to sleep some day. That stuff is bad. I've seen people get strung out in a week. There was lots of acid. Did that once at a Dead concert and decided I liked it too much to ever try it again.

You kids really have no idea. Crime was bad. Enter Ronald Reagan and red dress Nancy. They put a BOOT on the crime problem. You could (and did) get 20 years for a gram of heroin and 10 years for a gram of coke. All that SE Asian weed, Hawaiian, SA etc... imports.... were no more. No more *******eutical beans. I think that's where meth started getting popular and I don't think it was a good trade. Snortable cocaine was replaced by crank, also not a good trade. It used to be that if you wanted to smoke coke you have to freebase. Remember Richard Pryor burning up the bed?

Oddly enough, a nose earring was usually to hide a hole you burned in your nose from doing coke. Look around. Some of the women my age completely burned out their septum. Their nose kinda looks flat because it doesn't have much cartilage left.

If you drove in Washington DC in 1980, if I little old lady pushed a shopping cart out in front of your car, you ran her down. You did not stop for a stop sign. If you stopped, a dozen gang members would jump out and strip your car down to the wheels and leave you sitting on what was left of the frame. They were good. It usually took less that 5 minutes. And there were places police wouldn't respond at all. Don't take the wrong off ramp.

Around here it was pretty bad too. Gangs of migrant workers would jump you for your wallet and smokes if you weren't paying attention. Knowing how to fight well enough so you could run away was essential.

Before Reagan, pot was a $50 fine in Oregon, so the cops would usually just take the weed, let you go and smoke it themselves.

A lot of changes in 30 years for better or worse.

I remember one time. I was over at this bikers house working on my 750. A big bang on the door. 1-7 foot tall cop. The bikers name was Highway Bob.

Bob - We know you've been selling weed. We know you aren't selling any to kids or we wouldn't be having this talk. Quit selling weed or we're gonna have to come back and we won't be in a good mood. Have a nice day Bob!

These days they would have sent a swat team.

What was really kind of messed up is that before Reagan your pot usually came from some guy with a greenhouse that lived down the road. The cops didn't really care about 1 greenhouse. The new drug laws scared that guy off big time. That left a market the Mexican gangs filled. The gay guy and his greenhouse got replaced by gang members.

Perhaps not the best trade. We did coke. You do crack. We did prescription speed. You do crank. We did acid. You guys are more into M and ecstasy. It seems like what is available on the street is more dangerous than the stuff we were using.

Meh... well.. at least you can drive past the Whitehouse without getting your car stripped and you can stop for a stop sign. I can walk around here and not get jumped.
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