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I love hearing these stories about back in the day. Makes me wish I was alive to see it.

Meth is definitely a problem but personally I've never seen the stuff. Acid is almost unheard of. Haven't seen crack either. Weed is everywhere, especially thanks to our new medical marijuana law. Ecstasy and shrooms are pretty damn popular as well. Coke sits in fourth place. Other than E, I don't see the big deal about these other drugs. I've tried them all and E was the only one that actually made me go back for a second helping. It's fun to roll on New Year's eve but I couldn't ever see myself doing it once a week like some people I know.

Healthy, moderate drug use can be good for your spirit & state-of-mind as long as you don't have an addictive personality. Luckily I don't. But then I've seen others have their lives completely ruined by them. It all depends on the individual and the strength of their will power.

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