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What hurts is how people look at me like I'm some kinda loser when I have to leave a party that turns to getting high.
You probably had something better to do than listen to Donald Sutherland explain the meaning of existential existence anyway. You probably don't have to leave, but sitting around with a bunch of stoners usually doesn't hold much appeal. Even if you are stoned

Weed? Weed is relative nothing as far as drugs go. Booze is the killer. I really find it weird that they think weed is strong enough to be much use for pain.

If everybody quit drinking, we could probably tear down the county jail. I'll bet half the guys down there right now are there for drunk and stupid. If people quit smoking weed, X-box sales might plummet..... Taco Bell might be seriously hurt.... The Moody Blues might never get played again.....
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