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you don't change the server configuration in any way.

in mixxx, you use the same host and port that worked with winamp. for the password, use the legacy password (actually, but not to confuse things, streampassword_1 and/or password as set in the dnas can also be used, as they imply sid 1).

if you look at the dnas admin source connection details page, stream (sid) 1 may not show a legacy password, even though it can be used.

so, try both, look at the dnas log on the dnas admin page for help.... if you get the host and port right, the log will show a failed source connection attempt. if you don't see the source connection attempt from mixx, most likely you have the host part wrong.

also, stay away from localhost, use whenever you are talking to the dnas from the same box. it'll save you some headaches.

if you still have problems, it's possible that your server config or your firewall is not allowing v1 connections to your server -- it goes like this.... a v2 source connects to the server on portbase (8000 for you).... the v2 server also listens on portbase+1 (8001) for v1 sources like mixxx --- that means for your dnas to allow v1 sources to connect, you have to open port 8001 in addition to 8000 in your firewall (and in your router if you want to allow a remote source).
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