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Originally posted by SC_faisal
Yep - this is only a 0.1 release... Would love to hear your feedback and wish list of what we should focus on for oncoming releases.

Let us know!
so looking through the code it appears to be a completely different code base to SC1 which I suppose is not a surprise but means a couple of things need to be thought about

i) Some method to be able to get simple track information. It has been mentioned, so 7.html, perhaps not this format but say a simple URL get which provides this information such as

would give back the current track name ? then people could get items as they need without too much bandwidth.

ii) it appears you may have some bitrate management code in the pipeline it would be good to hear about it. This may of course just be UVOX specific.

iii) The UVOX specification allows listener authentication are you going to implement that ? So people who switched to Icecast for listener authentication can switch back to SC2.

iv) some method to 'template' the index.html. This will either allow people to blank it out or provide their own skin to it, so remove the dubious requests for changing the index file.

v) Are you going to make available the UVOX specification so people can write clients rather than just using Sc_trans2 ?

I await the next drop Good stuff though, a little life in SC yet


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