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.dat files ?????


I've grabbed this:

and I've been spending the last week trying to clean it up, since it's a bit of a rat's nest re: massive amounts of duplication, mangled filenames, etc. Learning more than I ever wanted to know about RegEx, GREP, etc.

One mystery: There are about 80 '.dat' files, and by all appearances, they look like they might be some type of custom wave definitions? But I dunno. The names of the dat files do not appear as strings within any of the ~40,000 milk files, nor do the dat filenames correspond to any of the .milk filenames.

A few of theses dat files:

have comments by Flexi, i.e.:
shape_0_per_frame37=/////// rotations ... by flexi

One is called 'shifter's word wave.dat'

No hits on google for any of the filenames with or without the extension.

Only Milkdrop/.dat result I could find was a reference to a dat file in a preset pack posted by E.o.S. 12 years ago, but it appears Eo.S.'s website is history, and it's not in the wayback machine, so I'm stumped as to what these orphan files are.

Thanks for reading.

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