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Khmer Language

Hello everyone,

I am trying to add Khmer to the NSIS translations but I am running into some issues which I am not sure how to resolve.

I have a 95% Khmer translation of the files (only a couple strings haven't yet been translated)
\NSIS\Contrib\Language files\Khmer.nlf
\NSIS\Contrib\Language files\Khmer.nsh

I tried using MakeLangId.exe but this didn't have the Khmer language/sublanguage listed.

it looks like there is only a Unicode page no Microsoft Code page for Khmer.

Here is what I found
Locale identifier Locale Locale name Script tag ANSI code page

0×0453 Windows Vista and later: Khmer (Cambodia) kh-KH Khmr Unicode only
And that chart shows the code page starting at 1780 (which didn’t work)
I get the following warning and when I run the install ?'s show up. I do have the Khmer font installed and can see the text using Notpad

Khmer language file uses a codepage (1780) that is not supported on this system, using ACP! (macro:MUI_LANGUAGE:9)

Attached is the font and the files we had translated so far.
Does the NSIS unicode installer work for non-microsoft coded pages?
Is there some trick I am missing?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Charles LaPierre
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