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2005 Acura NSX photos

Honda has finally updated the NSX after 13 years. The concept 2005 Honda NSX, dubbed the HSC (High Speed Concept??) is built with aluminum and carbon fiber, so it will probably be lighter than previous versions. This new beauty will have an updated engine, while still a V6, produces 350HP@3.5 litres. A 50HP electric motor can be added on, making 400HP with great fuel economy. Price will stay the same at around 89k USD. Honda has also updated gear shifting, the NSX will use paddle shifthing, much like Ferrari's F1 gearbox.

[Edited for width. -Hugh]

More photos at and here:

In my opinion, it looks a lot like the Autobacs GT NSX here:

The engine specs are also similar, 3.5 litre (which isn't available for the public)
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