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What mc^^^^ said...
powerfull, plus it looks better. gotta love how close the handbrake is to the gearbox too (great for drifting ).
Uhh, nope...Good try, but with me, you're wrong...

Drifting is normally using heel-and-toe techniques (When downshifting, you keep the ball of your foot on the brake and your toes on the accelerator, tapping the accelerator justa bit to keep the RPMs up so you keep the power that's sent to the wheels at level with more than enough power you need in order to execute an actual "drift") to break the rear end free, sliding the rear wheels around and countersteering to keep control (Keeping the balance of the car away from going to either extremes of oversteering and understeering) and come back in a straight line.

The Scandanavian Drift (Also known as the Interia Drift for those animated Japanese touge racers [Read: Initial D]) is another method, steering off to one direction, and countersteering in the other direction, using the momentum that's exerted on the rear end to swing it around, breaking traction without using conventional breaking techniques.

Either techniques are not only used in drifting, but in rally as well, as the concepts of either racing are the same, only in rally the suspension, chassis, and wheel/tire setups are different, and traction is less found in rally (Unless you're driving an AWD car, in which you have more of it than a FWD or RWD car, but drifting is mainly done in a RWD car anyway).

Using the handbrake/E-brake is NOT drifting...That's powersliding, and there's a big difference in the two...

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I forgot his name though...
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