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Question How To Help Translating


There are two types of langauge files:

1) NLF files located in 'Contrib\Language Files'

2) Modern UI Language files located in 'Contrib\Modern UI\Language Files'

In NSIS 3.0 and later both the .nlf and .nsh files should be encoded as UTF-8 BOM. The .nfl file contains a codepage attribute that must be set to the correct codepage for the language. Strings are translated from Unicode to this codepage when a ANSI installer is generated.

Language files in NSIS 2.0 are encoded directly with the codepage associated with the language.


If you have created language files for a new language, create a topic and post your files. Make sure there are no language files available yet.

To find out the language id for the NLF use MakeLangID.exe. It is installed into the Bin folder if you choose to install the language files.


If there are already language files available for a language, you can still help.

First of all, check whether the files are up-to-date. If they are not, send us an updaing file.

You can also help reviewing existing files.

If you have updated or fixed an existing file, please post your updated file in the topic of the language.

If you are unsure about your changes or if they are no obvious fixes, discuss your changes with other translators first.


Please subscripe at so you will be informed about language file updates.
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