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The Proxomitron is a proxy.

1. IE is set to use the Proxomitron
2. The Proxomitron is set on bypass which means it passes through everything unchanged
3. I don't use IE
4. Winamp is set not to use a proxy - and even if it did/does use the Proxomitron regardless, that's still set on bypass so it shouldn't have any effect anyway.

I think there are two bugs in Winamp 5.06:
1. it's (supposedly) trying to use whatever IE is using as a proxy - which it shouldn't do if the settings state not to use a proxy
2. it's failing to connect even if the proxy is set to bypass (not the proxy's fault, obviously)

This (either, or the combination) is a change from 5.05. I repeat: 5.05 works just fine with The Proxomitron set as the proxy for IE - so that setting is NOT the cause of the problem (and I'm not going to change it either - when I have to use IE, I do need Proxo).

It seems the Winamp team was very much in a hurry to fix the reported security flaw. That's OK, even commendable. It seems in their hurry they introduced a bug. That's understandable.

Now please, team, fix the bug and let us have a version 5.07 that can play radio (and video) just like 5.05 could!
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