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[QUOTE]Originally posted by iamback
[B]The Proxomitron is a proxy.

1. IE is set to use the Proxomitron
2. The Proxomitron is set on bypass which means it passes through everything unchanged
OK it does pass through unchanged but it still passes through the poxy settings the program simply doesn't do anything to whats passing through it. When I disable my Naviscope program (like your Proxomitron)it takes OUT the proxy settings totally! That's the difference here. You can't connect because I think your running up against the proxy settings. Your explorer is running up against a road block! Try turning off the proxy settings at your browser and see what happens.
3. I don't use IE
4. Winamp is set not to use a proxy - and even if it did/does use the Proxomitron regardless, that's still set on bypass so it shouldn't have any effect anyway.
Yes my WinAmp is not set to use a proxy either! But guess what! When I run that video guess what happens! Its going right through my lite off Naviscope program. I have NO IDEA why but it is because Naviscope shows you everything that's going on with it. If anything tries to use it little bars come up telling me what's going on. I can actually record every transaction this machine makes with the net. When I try to stream that plug in must be doing something different because everything is totally blocked. I can turn off all the add blocking with no differance. I have to literally turn off Naviscope and then it works.
I think there are two bugs in Winamp 5.06:
1. it's (supposedly) trying to use whatever IE is using as a proxy - which it shouldn't do if the settings state not to use a proxy
Yes I think you are right! WinAmp will attempt to use whatever proxy is set up with the browser. I can see this when I run a vid. But steaming does something different and the connection is getting blocked. When I again totally disable and I mean remove the poxy connection to Naviscope it works.

2. it's failing to connect even if the proxy is set to bypass (not the proxy's fault, obviously)

This (either, or the combination) is a change from 5.05. I repeat: 5.05 works just fine with The Proxomitron set as the proxy for IE - so that setting is NOT the cause of the problem (and I'm not going to change it either - when I have to use IE, I do need Proxo).
They probably make a security change that keep people from getting into your computer using WinAmp. Maybe people found away to get into your system using some other ports that were not protected. Or maybe they could get to you if you were using proxy settings. Its hard to know!

It seems the Winamp team was very much in a hurry to fix the reported security flaw. That's OK, even commendable. It seems in their hurry they introduced a bug. That's understandable.
We need to try and find out exactly what's going on so that they can fix it! So try turning off, shutting down the Proxomatron so that nothing goes through it, under it or around it. You want a hard connection to the net with NO proxy in the way. See what happens.
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