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[QUOTE]Originally posted by iamback
[B]It's obvious what happens.
Winamp is trying to use a proxy even when its settings tell it not to use the proxy. That is a very obvious BUG.
No matter what the effect of the proxy it's trying to use would be - it shouldn't use it when told not to use any proxy at all. Period.

I am not going to disable my proxy.

What I will do is reinstall Winamp 5.05 - until 5.07 comes along with a fix.

... ...

I can listen to my favorite radio stations again.
OK, so you took the Proxomatron Proxy settings off and now it works right??????

OK that means we know for sure what the problem is!

So now we have to find away to explain it to them so they can fix it!

You know how to do that?
I will look around and see what I can see and point them to this thread so that they can see what we found out! Its probably a easy fix! I'm glad we found the problem! I think its specifically one of the Input plugIns! It would be interesting to find out if the 5.05 PlugIns are different from the 5.06 PlugIns.

By the way I'm not one of the programmers!!! I'm just another person out here who uses WinAmp! As a matter of fact I just started using it! I still can't for the life of me figgure out how these AVS thingy's work!

Oh, wait, you just reinstalled 5.05 and it works! OK well I still think it the proxy settings not working with 5.06

Well at least your working again! I need to find 5.05 somewhere I guess. Although its a simple matter for me to disable Naviscope for a second. You might try Naviscope, I like it, works good and has lots of interesting trouble shooting stuff with it.
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